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Lost Wing

Lost Wing is a fast-paced, procedurally structured, endless arcade game, with a Neon Sci-Fi aesthetic. Quick to learn, hard to master - you'll need quick reaction times and super-fast decision making to achieve a high score on the global leaderboards. Shoot, dodge, or jump over obstacles, slow down time when it's getting a little too close for comfort - just get ready for when the world goes for a spin!



Prove your driving prowess by putting your skills to the test in PerfectLine, the tough and unforgiving racing game from BoxFrog Games! Perfectline is an iOS game designed primarily for the iPhone. Drift your car around the tracks to achieve as many laps as you can without crashing. One tap of the tires, and it's all over. Your car speeds forward by itself, whilst you have left/right control try and drift it safely around the tracks.



Experience arcade style fun at its finest in Spectrum Shock for iOS. Blast away an onslaught of attackers to become the best shocker in the world. Tilt your device left and right to rotate the turrets and let rip on the enemy. Hit your devastating Spectrum Shock ability to smash everything off the screen!

About Us

BoxFrog Games is an indie games development team working out of Manchester, UK. BoxFrog Games has grown from a weekend hobby to being a fulltime effort.

We have released arcade action games to racing games released for iOS and Android, and we are primed to release a shoot-em-up game called Lost Wing on Windows and OSX and all major platforms.

Latest news


Lost Wing v0.7 available for download

This update finishes the remaining zones within the Canyon environment, and also brings the Canyon environment out of Preview Mode – meaning you can now report your high scores to the Leaderboards. This is the third unique environment in Lost Wing and paves the way for us to come out of Early Access in the […]


Lost Wing v0.2 now released

It’s been a little while since we last updated Lost Wing, and as such we’re bringing a much bigger update to you than we’d originally planned (Winner!). Here’s a brief summary of the updates: Visual updates to the existing Industrial environment. The Forest environment is now fully unlocked and playable. The leaderboards are open for […]


Lost Wing is available for purchase on Steam

Lost Wing is now available to purchase on Steam! For just $4.99 we obviously think it’s an absolute steal 🙂 You can purchase on Steam here. Make sure to drop by our Community page where we’ll be frequently updating you on our development progress.

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