Lost Wing (2016)

Name: Lost Wing
Platform(s): Windows, MacOS
Get it from: Itch.io for $2.99 whilst in Early Access

Lost Wing is a fast-paced, procedurally structured, endless arcade game, with a Neon Sci-Fi aesthetic. Quick to learn, hard to master - you'll need quick reaction times and super-fast decision making to achieve a high score on the global leaderboards.

Swerve around or jump over obstacles, slow down time when it's getting a little too close for comfort - just get ready for when the world goes for a spin!

Have a close shave with an obstacle and you may be lucky and escape with only losing a wing, but hit an obstacle head on and it's game over. Health pickups are available in the environment to help you gain your wings back (and your full steering strength).

Download for Windows or MacOS, and delve into the world of Lost Wing - where one false move can end in disaster!